Learn to Play the Drums With These Tips

Posted on February 14, 2016 By

Becoming a drummer is not easy . It takes a lot of practice and patience to get to to the expert level while drumming. Here are some of the tips for achieving the expertise in drums. That said the drummer requires the skill of his hand to be there which we call as dexterity and of course hand eye coordination is a given.

Drummers are required to put in long hours of practice as they say practice make the man perfect. There is no short cut to the effort that you put in and another important thing to learn while you are it is the appetite for criticism. This will help you make a better drummer.

Taking of practice what you need is a studio or a secluded place where you can practice drumming. However given that most of us live in apartments with close by neighbors that can be a problem. The other issue is that if you work and come home only at night then practicing at night can be a tough thing as that means all your neighbors will be sleeping and you may end up disturbing them. No a happy scenario at all.

My tip here is to get some special equipment which will silence the sound and that means usually means getting drum pad silencers. These silencers will help restrict that big sound that a drum makes but on the other hand you will never even feel that you are not hitting the actual drums with drumsticks. The silencers will still make some sound which is only so much that you can hear and behind the closed doors it will be sufficient for you to practice. That means is that while neighbors are sleeping you can merrily pound on these drums at night.

The second option is to play a Rock Band game which is available on the wii as well which will help you get the expertise. The rock band game is special in a way that there are legions of fans of this game who use this to practice the drumming. Yes it is not a true way to learn the drums but if you have time only at night and you do not to earn the ire of your neighbors then this is as close as possible for you to learn drums.

Once you gain some confidence then you can start by enrolling at a nearby studio and or join a local band and have practice together.


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