How to Produce Music

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music-production-tutorial-300x300You have just written a really good song, perhaps your best yet, but the process is not over. You have to mix the song next. This is the point where I used to feel pretty annoyed by my music mixing techniques and all momentum and happy feelings that came from creating something would disappear. I could write song easily enough but when it came to music production I didn’t have a clue. I was too proud to ask someone for music mixing tips or music production tips and nobody seemed to have the answers I was looking for. This is why now that I can mix my own songs; I thought I would put together some of my own music mixing tips and music production tips to consider before you start you journey into music production.

Make sure you listen to more than one genre – You should listen to more than one genre to make your palate as full as it can be; it will also teach you how to produce music without you being consciously aware of it. You do not need to like what you listen to as there are many things to listen to with each song. Be that, mixing/effect styles and what the overall effect of this will create, relationships between notes, relationships with tempos and atmosphere, and so on. A lot can be learnt from breaking your listening patterns.

Delete bad quality audio – The first lesson at any music production school or university of music is, if you have a recording and it is bad quality and it always catches your ear and you are not happy with it, throw it away and rerecord it. You should never believe that music production can cure any audio quality issues you have; they will always be bad whatever you do.

Have a song finished before you start any mixing – Before you start any mixing (excluding minimal reverb perhaps) make sure that the song you are working on is finished. Do not start to mix the song when you have got just the intro or verse recorded/written. This is the key to how to produce music; the mixing process is as if you are highlighting aspects of a holiday you have been on to friends. The holiday would of course be the written song. You cannot talk about a trip you have not been on. Do NOT mix anything before you have written the song. If you feel you really need to, then something is wrong and you need to find some new Vsts, find a better way to record, improve your playing on the instrument you are using or find a surrogate template song to mirror until you are writing songs on your own I.E Find a song you like, and “rip it off” as a lesson for yourself. That is a widely used method that people do not often put in their music production tips or music mixing techniques but everyone does it they just do not like to talk about it; do not beat yourself up over it, just know once you are more confident you will not rely on this method.


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